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Spontaneous bombshell Kate Hughes

Spontaneous bombshell Kate Hughes flies by the seat of her pants with only happiness and success on her mind and a carefree spirit to take her there. Kate's natural breasts and rockin' bod are the perfect showcase for her quick wit and scholarly smarts! Watch Kate's interview in the members area to get to know her vivacious personality and see all of her natural collegiate attributes!

Sensual coed Kristen Bennett

Sensual coed Kristen Bennett loves to travel and dance the night away in exotic locations. Lemon-lime margaritas are her signature drink, but Kristen knows her limits and lets nothing stand in the way of her education or future goal of being the business world's hottest CEO! Watch Kristen's interview video to learn even more about this gorgeous woman.

Brittany Bardot

Sun-kissed coed Brittany Bardot has a lot going for her, but she says her best feature is her sparkling set of baby-blue eyes. Whether she's riding the subway to class or lounging in the park, Brittany loves to read and always has the latest hot-novel tucked under her arm. Learn more about this well-read beauty in the members area!

Nursing coed Naomi Shaw

Nursing coed Naomi Shaw describes herself as a hard-working bookworm. A perfectionist at heart, Naomi isn't satisfied with anything less than an A. Lucky for us, this straight A student was blessed with double D breasts and a smokin' hot body. Get a closer look at Naomi's report card in the members area and check out her interview while you're there!

Curvy coed Elizabeth Jean

Curvy coed Elizabeth Jean is an accomplished gymnast with the muscle tone and flexibility to prove it. Whether on the mat or off, Elizabeth's all-around A+ attitude is the key to her success. Check out Elizabeth's videos and pictorials in the members area and see why this California sunbeam had us doing somersaults the moment we laid eyes on her!

Chelsea Brooke

Beautiful bookworm Chelsea Brooke has her sights set on becoming a health-food entrepreneur. Instead of your typical pizza-fueled study night, I like to make a healthier snack like a tomato tart with fontina cheese. If the way to a man's heart is through his stomach, consider yourself served! Check out Chelsea's pictorials and videos in the members area and see why Chelsea has a coming back for seconds.

Sporty coed Rainy Day

Sporty coed Rainy Day loves the fast-paced party lifestyle of college but says her studies always take priority. Rainy's knock out body and love of boxing has us seeing stars! Pull up ring-side in the members area and watch Rainy's hot interview video where she shares her sexy secrets and pull-no-punch attitude when it comes to spicing things up in the bedroom!

Sexy coed Naj'a Irie

Sexy coed and self-described tomboy Naj'a Irie loves snowboarding, camping, and hanging out at the beach. You wouldn't know it to look at her beautiful pictorials but Naj'a was so nervous when she attended a Playboy Casting Call she couldn't stop shaking. Drop by the members area to see why this coed is skyrocketing to the top of Playboy's charts!

Cody Renee Playboy's Student Bodies

Athletic coed Cody Renee is super competitive on or off the field. Whether she's bellying up to a late night round of Monopoly or an early afternoon game of touch football, Cody wants you all to know she's bringing her A game. Catch an eye-full of Playboy's latest student body in the members area and see why losing ain't so bad at the hands of Ms. Cody Renee.

Missy Robinson Playboy Busty Babes

Missy Robinson
Orlando, FL
AGE: 27
HEIGHT: 5ft 3in
Missy is a flight attendant who loves spending time with her family and friends. She enjoys dancing and meeting new people, which we are sure she gets to do while flying the friendly skies. To learn more about this high flying beauty check out her interview video in the members area.
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Colleen Christian Playboy Busty Babes

Colleen Christian
Houston, TX
AGE: 12/31/1982
HAIR COLOR: Brunette
HEIGHT: 5ft 9in
As a graduate of Texas A&M University, Colleen has been using her degree in education to shape the minds of Pre-K children for a few years, but her true career ambition is to obtain her esthetician license and open her own spa. Her guilty pleasures include shopping for shoes and handbags and eating chocolate. For more about Colleen, check out her interview featured in the members area.
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Brittany Rathel Women of Playboy

Brittany Rathel
Apopka, FL
AGE: 19
HEIGHT: 5ft 5in
Brittany loves to dance, especially on top of a bar. She enjoys food, tall boys and going out. Brittany is studying at Paul Mitchell, Her focus is on hair styling. To learn more about this beautiful gal check out her interview video in the members area.
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Christina Greene Women of Playboy

Christina Greene
Ventura, CA
AGE: 23
HEIGHT: 6ft 0in
WEIGHT: 150 lbs
This statuesque stunner from southern California is a student at a local community college but remains undecided about her major and future goals. Perhaps Christina's passion for painting and making others look good through the art of make-up will lead her to a creative career. To hear what else gets Christina's creative juices flowing check out her interview in the members area.

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